War-paint Miniatures specialise in professional miniature painting, focusing on a quality and personal service.

War paint miniatures prides itself on being a finest quality miniature painting service, pushing itself to complete your commission to the highest possible standard of your chosen service level.

About Warpaint Miniatures

All of our service levels are above ‘tabletop standard’, expertly painted by brush. I value quality over speed and all my satisfied clients see the craftsmanship shining through my work. I take special care over details and service, providing regular progress updates, and making any amendments requested for customer satisfaction.

I am a passionate and enthusiastic hobbyist, with decades of experience in painting and playing tabletop wargames. I know the satisfaction of fielding a fully painted army on the table.

I pride myself on creating a themed concept for your project, and carrying that through all aspects of the commission. From stoic Space wolves fighting through the icy tundra of Fenris, to rage filled Fyreslayers battling across lava filled caverns. I would love to help you realise your vision for your army, from concept to completion. Including conversion services, sculpting, custom designed basing and themed objective markers, even scenery services to immerse yourself in the world of your wargames.

– Stuart Morris


Warpaint provide a range of painting standards for your budget. From Master level painting for centre-piece miniatures to troop level for hordes of infantry. For any game system, at each level. Warpaint bring a high level of attention to detail, professional skill and customer-focused communication.


This option is for a professional standard on the tabletop, based and shaded. You can expect a professional standard of finish with solid colour application. Layered highlights and wash shading. Smooth base coating and edge highlights. Based simply with texture and painted to suit. Professional quality finish from up close or on the tabletop.


This option is for a elite units or champions. You can expect a high professional standard of finish. Featuring wet blended and layered highlights, precise detail picked out, smooth decals and battlefield weathering. Edge highlighting and detailed bases designed to fit your army theme, with textured sand and rocks painted to suit, detailed with base features and tufts of static grass.


This is the highest-level service available. At home, in a display cabinet or crushing your opponents on the tabletop battlefield. This service features full detailed painting from sub-assemblies. Magnetisation, multiple layered highlights and shades, non-metallic metal and object source lighting available on request. Smooth decals and weathering, with scenic bases to fit your army concept and theme.

Custom Designed Scenery

At War paint miniatures we provide a wide range of scenic project services, from creating simple themed objective markers to match your army concept through to large scale scenic vistas to fight your battles across.

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